We are what we eat

We are what we eat and we are nothing if not adventurous, endlessly chasing the latest trends emerging from kitchens around the world. Here are the latest ones that have us drooling in anticipation.

Innovative Food Pairings

Sure, gourmet restaurants have been serving up adventurous combinations of fabulous flavours for years, but now the trend is hot. Sea salt chocolate and vegetable ice cream are already ubiquitous, and now chefs from around the globe can take courses that teach pairings. With science helping us unlock the secrets of successful pairings at a molecular niveau, this is a trend that is set to become extravagant.

Peruvian Cuisine

Quinoa has already been a big hit since a while, but is most often used as a filler ingredient, rarely in a full-on Peruvian dish. In the coming year, ceviche will most likely become so common a sight on restaurant menus that people will finally learn to pronounce the C. Pisco .

Flying Food

Cloudy with a chance of… whatever you like. It will be light years yet before ordering takeaway and receiving it by air becomes standard practice (and only if aviation authorities approve it), but there’s plenty experimenting with airborne food distribution. You can order pizza, tacos and beer by drone, or toasted sandwiches by parachute. WHY NOT ?????  😊

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