Sous vide Cooking & Matcha

Sous Vide Cooking

Sure, Gourmet chefs have been using the French “vacuum” technique for ages, but few of us would have dared trying it ourselves at home. Now that expensive appliances and complex temperature calculations are slowly becoming a thing of the past – thanks to affordable new gadgets and apps – amateur chefs are picking up on this new trend, and there are even delivery services offering pre-sealed dishes ready for home preparation.

Matcha Everything

#matcha tea is already trending worldwide since years – as evidenced by the popular Instagram hashtag (and the fact Starbucks and other big names have latched on to its incredible popularity). The show-off fancy named healthy drink looks like a serving of blended grass, has a flat flavour that is definitely a very acquired taste and this superfood has been rapidly gaining on its predecessor, Chai Latte. Connoisseurs are taking the green-tea powder to the another level with sugary desserts, fresh takes on savoury dishes or ‘so-called’ healthy cocktails. These, too, will instagram very well.

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